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Why C2B?

We Are.....
Performance-based: There is no set-up fee. We take on the risk of promoting your offers, requiring you to only pay for the results of the campaign.
We Execute.....
Dedicated Campaigns: We take a consultative approach to assess each client’s needs and develop campaigns that deliver ROI, with easily measurable and scalable results.
We Simplify.....
Account Management: We act as the sole point of contact for our Clients, providing Publishers with creative, tracking links, online reporting, payment, and customer service.
We Have.....
Stringent Publishing Requirements: We have strict guidelines for our Network to provide you control over how your offer is distributed.
We Developed.....
Technology: Our robust LMS™ technology allows us to track and report every acquisition.


Contact us today at 972.632.6124 to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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