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About Us

C2B Direct, Inc. is a performance-based digital marketing services company. Our goal is to deliver customers to businesses through the distribution of performance-based marketing offers. We offer a complete distribution solution, including technology, business development, consultation, and administration - all on a pay-for-performance basis.

We provide advertisers with consultative advice and technology solutions to help them meet their customer acquisition objectives. We have partnered with many of the largest and most productive publishers to deliver advertisers the greatest aggregated distribution for their marketing. We specialize in direct marketing campaigns for the financial services sector.

C2B’s comprehensive solutions enable marketers to acquire customers through a cross-section of consumer targeted portals and web sites, a variety of lead generation and delivery methods, and flex pricing models.

We work hard to drive sales initiatives and customer acquisition programs consistent with our core values.

Core Values:
1. Integrity
2. An honest day’s work
3. Continuous measurement of ROI
4. Building relationships

C2B Direct is a privately held company.


Contact us today at 972.632.6124 to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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